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Frey Wille Mucha Papillon Poese Green Scarf

The work of Alphonse Mucha, in his uniquely decorative and symbolic style, shows a world of ethereal beauty in which art and life are harmonically balanced. This was the inspiration for the FREYWILLE artists to create the collection Hommage à Alphonse Mucha; here, we see the typical Art Nouveau elements combined with individual notes from their own interpretation.

Handstitched and full of colourful art: This silk Carré is a truly marvelous accessory with a soft and luxurious touch, emblazoned with an intricately design pattern suitable to FREYWILLE's fire-enamel designs. Its large size of 90 x 90 cm makes it a versatile companion to wrap, tie and fold.

Made of 100% Italian silk.

Size - 90cm square

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