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Benson Watch Winders Black Series 8.16.BL Limited Edition

The Benson Black Series watch winders belong to the most luxurious line of this Dutch brand. These watch winders are made by hand and combine the most modern technology and beautiful finish with a stylish design. This Benson Black Series 8.16.BL Limited Edition watches winder is suitable for winding 8 automatic watches and offers storage space for 6 other watches. The watch winder is limited to 250 pieces (individually numbered), has a blue colour and has 12 layers of paint and 1 protective layer of lacquer. In addition, this watch winder has a touchscreen, LED lighting, soft-close lid and a speed winding function. Each rotor is individually adjustable in terms of the direction of rotation and TPD (turns per day). In this price range, the Benson Black Series is 8.16.BL Limited Edition watches winder is definitely the best choice. 

  • Adjustable Turns Per Day:    Yes
  • Energy-efficient:    Yes
  • Independable rotors:    Yes
  • LED lighting:    Yes
  • Noiseless:    Yes
  • Overwind protection:    Yes
  • Power winding:    Yes
  • Touchscreen display:    Yes
  • Weight:    11000 gram
  • Height:    34 cm
  • Width:    24 cm
  • Length :    45 cm
  • Storage for:    6 watch(es)
  • Interior colour:    Black
  • Glass material:    Mineralglass
  • Watch winder material:    Wood
  • Power supply:    Adapter (line current)
  • Program:    3 programs (CW, CC, Alt)
  • Watch winder colour:    Blue
  • Motor type:    Japanese
  • Suitable for:    8 watches

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