Official Rolex Retailer in Nova Scotia


Touch of Gold has been catering to the people of Halifax for over 40 years. Situated in the heart of downtown, we strive to deliver unmatched customer service and an experience that you’ll remember. Over the years, we have established an outstanding reputation that is based on trust and our earned expertise in the luxury jewellery and Swiss watch industries.


For four decades,Touch of Gold has been selling Rolex timepieces as the exclusive Official RolexRetailer in Nova Scotia. We are Nova Scotia’s only destination for a complete luxury watch and jewellery experience.


Touch of Gold is the exclusive home to many luxury brands. We’ve built our reputation on a tradition of trust and delivering the highest level of service to every customer. We’re in the business of assisting you in celebrating and acknowledging your most cherished moments.


A family-run operation located in the heart of downtown Halifax, we have made it our business to understand the importance of special occasions and to assist our clients in finding the perfect way to recognize each one. We vow to help you select the perfect item to commemorate every special moment.


With our team of knowledgeable and seasoned watch experts, we pride ourselves on curating and presenting the best luxury Swiss watches to our Halifax clientele. For over four decades, we have cultivated strong relationships with our partners who pursue a high level of excellence.  It is a true honour and privilege to work with Rolex — the crown jewel of the watchmaking industry — as an Official Rolex Retailer.


We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience as you recognize moments that will last a lifetime with timepieces that will be cherished for generations to come.